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Advice for a successful event

Please find below some guidance about party planning to ensure that all aspects are considered.




That is why you have chosen Food To Di For!

We are here to take all the stress of the cooking away from you.  I will provide a menu to suit your occasion.  You have no need to worry about the food any further as everything will be organised for you - all we ask is the sole use of a clean, tidy kitchen from an agreed time to prepare and cook for you and your guests.



So these are the other things you should consider:



It sounds obvious but make sure your guests know what to expect when attending your party.  Food To Di For feeds their clients’ guests generously so make it is clear on the invitation that they will not need to eat before they arrive and they certainly won’t be going home hungry!

If guests have any food intolerances this is an opportunity for them to let you know.  

NB. Food To Di For will try to accommodate food intolerances however it must be stressed that our food is cooked in a domestic kitchen and therefore a guarantee cannot be given that there is no cross contamination (see our Terms and Conditions).  

In extreme cases of allergies it is advisable that your guest provides their own food.


Signposting your house 

The old fashioned method of a balloon at the end of the drive works well - especially for our staff!



If there is a chance your guests will be arriving with coats etc. please do consider where you would like them to be hung.

It is possible to hire collapsible hanging rails inexpensively which enables the waiting staff to relieve your guests of their outdoor attire/umbrellas upon arrival.


What will your guests be drinking?

Please note Food To Di For does NOT supply any drinks for your event (other than any previously agreed and stated on the menu) but our waiting staff will be pleased to serve the drinks you provide!

The choice of what you wish to serve is totally personal.   Many people like to keep it simple and serve Red and White Wine and Beer.  Rosé is always welcome in the summer months.  If you intend treating your guests to a locally brewed barrel of real ale do ensure that you seek advice from your supplier as to the appropriate serving and opening of the cask,  NB ‘live’ beers need time to settle before being ready to drink.

If you decide to serve any cocktails, our staff are happy to oblige as long as you provide the recipes.


Do remember whatever you choose for your guests, you might not be able to please every single person so serve what you wish and if that means Auntie Norma doesn’t get her Port and Lemon that night then so be it, it is most unlikely to spoil the party for her!

Running out of booze at a party is a real no-no!  


To ensure this doesn’t happen buy more than you think you need by purchasing from a company on a sale-or-return basis.  Many companies also offer free delivery and ice bucket hire with a deposit. 

Take a look at for quantity/party planning advice.


Handy Hints

Look out for drinks offers a few weeks before your event - many supermarkets do deals which are worth taking up when you see them.


Consider pitchers of Cocktails - during the summer months jugs of Mojitos, Bucks Fizz, Pimms or Sangria are popular.   

During the winter who can resist Mulled Wine or a Warm Cider Punch.


Use Champagne for a toast and serve Cava or Prosecco for refills.


Don’t forget about the drivers!

  People who are not drinking alcohol shouldn’t be left out - consider serving an interesting Mocktail or a Sparkling Elderflower Pressé that can be served in flutes so they can participate in the toast.

Don’t forget the Ice for your party!

Please note Food To Di For does NOT provide ice.


No one likes a warm glass of white wine or sparkling water so it is important to ensure you have ice to chill your drinks in advance and to include in jugs of water/soft drinks.  

Many suppliers deliver ice and can give guidance as to the quantity you may need for your event.


For large parties/weddings a chiller van is generally required and can be hired through marquee companies or similar


Glass/Crockery/Cutlery/Linen/Furniture Hire

As a complimentary service to our clients, FTDF is happy to obtain a quote/place an order for any hire requirements from a reliable supplier.  Take a look at

Jubilee Hire Ltd is a family run, Kent based, China, Furniture & Marquee hire company. We cater for all your event needs. Kent & South East

for more information. Please note that all hired items are delivered to your venue and collected unwashed.


It is possible to obtain free glass hire from some supermarkets and wine merchants.  However, do bear in mind that they usually have to be returned clean so please consider who will be on washing up duty the next day! 

Most clients therefore consider the modest expense of glass hire highly beneficial.


Empty Bottles

Please note FTDF does NOT dispose of empty bottles off-site after your event!

Food To Di For waiting staff will be pleased to stack empty bottles where instructed but will not remove them from the event venue. 



Refuse and Food Waste

Please note FTDF does not remove refuse from the venue site.  

Please ensure you advise us prior to your event where you wish rubbish bags to be put for collection. 


NB. FTDF does NOT leave left overs behind.  

Due to our insurance policy we are not permitted to leave food that has not been eaten.  It will be disposed of appropriately.


If you are having a band or a DJ please ensure there is sufficient power supply and that you arrange their situation in advance.


All musicians/DJs expect to be fed at events, Food To Di For would be pleased to cater for them so confirmation of numbers is required so they can be included in the quote.

If you are not having a live band but want to have music at your event make a playlist, use Spotify or similar but plan ahead.



You may want to re-arrange furniture in advance of your party to accommodate your guests.

Hire of chairs and trestle tables for bar or food service can be arranged through FTDF - check out Jubilee Hire website for more information as above.


If you are having a Canapé/Bowl party do consider it can be tricky to balance a wine glass and a bowl so a scattering of small tables can be helpful in these situations for glass perching.


If Food To Di For is providing waiting staff for your event, it will be arranged that they will arrive one hour before guest arrival for a full briefing, to lay up tables and/or organise any bar requirements as appropriate. If more time is needed please arrange at the time of booking.



A parking space near the catering area for my vehicle is essential and directions as to where my staff should park are to be advised in advance.


Ensure you have a local taxi number to hand for those guests wishing to abandon their cars.


Garden parties 

Whilst the summer months bring us light evenings do remember that by 10pm it can become very dark so it may be worth considering lighting your garden with hired lights and/or hurricane lamps/candles.


Always have a wet plan!

Even in the midst of summer we can experience the odd downpour so check the forecast in advance and ensure you have a plan for such circumstances.

Stilettos and Lawns are not a good match!  It can be useful to provide a basket of heel protectors to protect your friends' Louboutins as well as your turf.  A basket of flip flops by the dance floor can also be a welcome extra.



Advise or invite!

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